Damn! When I install Ubuntu Edgy, everything worked out of the box for me on my Dell Inspiron 6000 (1.73ghz, 1gb RAM, i915 Video, ipw2200 wireless). It was nice. The wireless worked no problems (Fedora 3-6 I had to configure Network-Manager and install firmware). Suspend & Hibernate worked just fine. Well, after about three weeks, I had this problem, where I didn’t do any updates & install anything new. I was happy with my system as it was. But, the suspend/hibernate functions quit working.

When, I would suspend, it would goto standby just fine. Then I would either open the laptop lid or press the power button to start it back up, and it would hang when trying to load the X Server. Now, I looked at every possible problem. Maybe, my grub settings where wrong, an error in the xorg.conf file or how about the /etc/defaults/ folder?

Today, I had a few minutes to play around with it. Later today, I have a meeting and not a lot of battery life, so I wanted to have the presentations all ready to go, then resume. I played around with the VBERestore=true option in the xorg.conf file. No difference. After going through all of the system logs, I noticed ‘Resume Failed’ after trying to load the ieee architecture with works with the ipw2200 wireless drivers. So I played around with the /etc/defaults/acpi-support file. I added ‘STOP_SERVICES=”network-manager 915resolution”.  And nothing. So then I added ‘nm-applet’ to the STOP_SERVICES. Works like a charm. No more problems, suspends & hibernates.