Well, I am not much of a Flash fan. Probley, becauase I have been using linux for awhile and the support for Flash hasn’t been great to any degree. (We just got flash 9 not to long ago). But FJAX is a great idea.

Fjax is an open, lightweight, cross-browser methodology for Ajax-style web 2.0 development
Fjax is a technique focused on drastically streamlining the XML handling layer of web 2.0 applications. Picture Ajax’s XML parsing and handling with less than 65 lines of code! It’s not a replacement for toolsets that provide presentation-layer visual gizmos. Think of it as a new engine to put under the hood of all the great widgets that are already out there.
Our goal in sharing this with the web building community is to open some doors of possibility by introducing a much more nimble way of getting things done. Call it web 2.1. And not only can Fjax make development faster, but we hope to see its simplicity make it possible for everyone to get to play. Want the straight poop? Read the Fjax Overview.

Check it out. Worth a shot.