Where do I start. I have actually pulled out hair over this issue. I have been designing my sites using; Bluefish Web Dev, IglooFTP and viewing in Swiftfox (Firefox  Now, after initial creation of the site, everything looked just fine. All of my divs,etc were in the right place. Now after the first version of the site, I wanted to do some maintaince and refine a little. Well, I made all of the revisions. Then I ran into a problem. Internet Explorer 6/7 decided it would be a great idea to not display certain boxes (divs) in the correct locations.

So after exploring my options, I found a nice solution. It does not make your CSS2 Validate. But, it does the trick. Let’s say you have a div that the width exceeded what it should of in IE.

CSS2 Compliant.

.mydiv { width: 20px }


* html .mydiv { width: 15.5px }

Worked great for a number of IE related problems. Width, Font Sizes, Etc.